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Bushman Jacket WOLF, Snake

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This WOLF Jacket is a fantastic addition to BUSHMAN collection. This stylish parka made ​​of high quality durable material with lots of functional details. The jacket has a detachable fleece jacket that can be used separately. High-quality YKK zipper ensures durability even after frequent use. Other functional details include: a hidden hood inside the collar, extra handhole lower pockets, adjustable sleeve width, the system of free movement of elbows, waist, folds for ease of movement back, a number of internal and external pockets, snap hook for keys. BUSHMAN Jacket  WOLF is suitable for those cold and bleak winter days but also for warmer autumn and spring days. The actual jacket is made from natural fibers and is alligned with the cotton lining. The lining is enhanced by print with zebras pattern. The jacket is durable and is fitted with quality zipper. The extra flap with press studs prevents penetration of cold. The hood is discreetly hidden in the collar zip. You can, if necessary, take it  out, pull the strings or hide again.
This model is practicaly fitted with internal and external pockets  which you gives you plenty of room for your accessories. Inside one of them have extra sewn snap hook - so no more lost keys!  
Lower pockets are deep and in addition you can put your hands from the side of these pockets. You can pull the drawstring to adjust your waist line, to shape and seal the body jacket and thus get an increased protection from the weather. Sleeves have been enhanced by special stitching in the elbow area for enhanced comfort during your movement.  The lower edge of the sleeve can also be regulated as desired. Eyelets on the sleeves help to remove moisture and regulate body temperature. The jacket is quilted three times, it's  durable, solid and precise craftsmanship. It is comfortable , breathable , soft and fits very well to every body shape. Bushman jacket Wolf offers many ways to wear and is a great example of an oustanding quality!
About jackets BUSHMAN..


 Bushman are most often made of cotton, mainly because of its properties, which allow you to wear the jacket anywhere in the city or in the countryside.

The main advantages of the product are :

Breathability - clothes made from cotton do not trap moisture. This is called breathability and helps to keep the body cool and warm in the winter.

Comfort - cotton clothing is often more comfortable than other types of fabric. It's naturally stretchable  and that feature helps it move with your body.

High resistance of the load- made from durable, soft fibre and our products assures high resistance of the load ( calculated with a frequent washing clothes)

Softness of the material and pleasant to the touch.

Fast drying wet clothes

You can choose from a variety of styles, colours and designs that suites you the best. In our  BUSHMAN collection you will find excellent and warming winter jackets as well as lighter jackets that are designed especially for spring and autumn.

Should you wish to choose lighter summer jacket for your adventures or just outdoors you can choose among models that do not have a lining. These summer jackets creating  the impression of "to be more shirt" Jackets Bushman have a large number of technological features including:

·         Triple seam/stitching that ensures greater resistance to tearing in the fabric

·         Zipper protection against the cold that makes your a jacket weatherproofed

·         Detachable hidden hood

·         Other features

Our  most popular men's designs include pilots style jackets, Parker and jackets in a military appearance. 


Bushman  takes all environmental considerations very seriously and  always strives to achieve more sustainable way of  reducing the consumption of   resources. Our products are easily recyclable which  helps to reduce the waste and minimise the carbon foot print. Respect for nature is very important for all of us at Bushman.

'Love nature, love BUSHMAN!'

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Carp S, 13.12.2014
Surprising quality..very nice jacket and very fast delivery. Will be back soon!
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