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BUSHMAN Ralysa T-Shirt, Snake

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If you are a lover of  branded prints  on your T-Shirt, this master piece has it all for you! BUSHMAN T-Shirt Ralysa comes with short sleeves , specially curved cut with a dominant print on the front. Practical slits on the sides allow  greater ease of movement. Special  washing  ensures a pleasant touch.

All BUSHMAN T-Shirts are made of a high quality  cotton, mainly because of  its features. Cotton made products do not trap moisture and helps to keep the body cool and dry.  BUSHMAN T-Shirts are extremely  comfortable  wear suitable for any casual and outdoor activity.

The main advantages of the product are :

  • Breathability - clothes made from cotton do not trap moisture. This is called breathability and helps to keep the body cool and warm in the winter.
  • Comfort - cotton clothing is often more comfortable than other types of fabric. It's naturally stretchable  and that feature helps it move with your body.
  • High resistance of the load - made from durable, soft fiber and our products assures high resistance of the load ( calculated with a frequent washing clothes)
  • Softness of the material and pleasant to the touch.
  • Fast drying wet clothes.
  • Blend of elastane  assures comfortable fit and long lasting shape.

You can choose from a variety of styles, colors and designs which suits you the best.  Our designers are inspired by the nature therefore you would find a unique travel and outdoor themes. Our T-Shirts are always designed to deliver a high standard of the -Shirts for every casual or outdoor occasion.  


Bushman  takes all environmental considerations very seriously and  always tries to achieve more sustainable way of  reducing the consumption of   resources. Our products are easily recyclable which  helps to reduce the waste and minimise the carbon foot print. Respect for nature is very important for all of us at Bushman.

'Love nature, love BUSHMAN!'



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